Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Erin Brockovich talks exclusively with ABC12 News about Flint's Water Emergency

For the first time, Erin Brockovich is talking about Flint's Water Emergency.
The well-known water activist is weighing-in in an interview exclusively with ABC12 News.

Brockovich has been following Flint's Water Emergency closely. She even sent one of her colleagues to Flint in the winter to offer advice to city leaders.

"These people need clean water. They don't need it tomorrow, they need it today, they needed it yesterday," Brockovich said.

Brockovich is best known for her water investigation in Hinkley, Calif. That story was later made into a movie in 2000.

For 22 years, she hasn't stopped fighting.

"Water is the most important thing, is all of our lives, and there is obviously a crisis in this country that we aren't paying attention to at a national level," Brockovich said.

Last February, her colleague, Bob Bowcock, came to Flint to offer advice to local leaders. He joined protesters in their plea for better water.

Bowcock says since that visit, the local water activists have set an example for people across the country who want better water in their own homes.

"There are communities from every state that are asking, 'How can we do what Flint is doing?'" Bowcock said.

Brockovich said she will continue to hold the politicians feet to the fire for the people of Flint.

"Everyone keeps passing the buck and I guess everyone thinks that the situation in Flint will go away. It's not," Brockovich said.

She wants the local water activists to keep pushing for answers.

"You never go away. Stay at it because the more pressure you do, you will get the results you want and that is clean water for your community," Brockovich said.

Brockovich doesn't have plans to come to Flint now, but she is considering a visit in the future.

I found the original article here.  I encourage you to go there because they have an exclusive video interview with Erin.

Water quality issues are going to be happening more often.  The public has not caught on to how dangerous this situation is with our different city water supplies. 

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